9 Shoe Storage Ideas That Protect Your Kicks Properly - Divadiya

9 Shoe Storage Ideas That Protect Your Kicks Properly - Divadiya

Well, the research has shown that more than 50% of shoe lifetime gets reduced by 70% without proper shoe storage. Without a doubt, it is vital to organize your shoes. A shoe organizer is the smartest & best way to store or protect your shoes precisely the way you want them. 

Sometimes we have enough shoes, but not enough shoe space to store them properly. For shoes or footwear lovers, enough shoes are never enough, that’s where organizers come in. They perfectly act like saviors and protect your footwear properly & stylishly. 

To find the best shoe storage for your shoe collection, we have arranged a list of shoe  storage ideas that will surely transform your space into the space of your dreams. 

Before Purchasing Your Shoe Storage You Should Know what you are looking For 

  • Less-Space Consuming 
  • Versatile Storage 
  • Easy-To-Use 
  1. Fabric Shoe Rack 
Fabric shoe rack

Less-space-consuming, efficient & easy-to-use are the key elements in the portfolio of this shoe storage. From bottom to top, you can fit a total of 24 pairs of shoes, and comes with 6 shelves. This fabric shoes rack is a perfect addition to your storage closet, If versatile and less space-consuming is your idea for shoe storage. 

     2. Open Shoe Organizer 

Open shoe rack organizer

A go-to organizer for somebody with a large collection of footwear & less space. There is no space where the vertical shoe organizer doesn’t fit, that’s what makes the vertical shoe organizer so unique and easily useful. 

       3. Display Crates 

Display crates

You, yes you, if you’re worried about supreme and creative storage, sneaker crates are an ideal idea to protect your kicks. Sneaker crates are the optimum choice to showcase any type of footwear fashionably. With sneaker crates, every type of footwear is fully protected & ready to slay. 

    4. 4 Tier Clothes & Footwear Organizer 

4 tier organizer

Kill two birds with one stone with this multi-purpose coat & shoe hanger/rack. This storage is perfectly designed in such a way that keep your shoes all-time fresh & ready-to-go everyime you look. Order this 4 tier hanger for a stress-free organized place.

     5. Shoe Shelf With Side Pockets

Shoe rack with pockets

If you’re goal of storage idea is multi-purpose & aesthetically working well, then this shoe shelf with pockets is practically near to perfect. While purchasing thai shoe shelf you ever have to worry about the shoes unorganized anytime. 

    6. Plastic Shoe Tower 

Shoe tower/rack

What’s better than a vertical storage? Nothing. Vertical plastic shoe rack a very economical & versatile way to keep your footwear in order & still good looking. You can organize all your sports shoes, heels & any other type footwear in the order you want. 

     7. Entryway Bench 

Entryway bench

Make your guest or just yourself feel welcome with this entryway bench, designed for shoe storage or just to sit. This storage idea might give a space-consuming effect, but will surely give an attractive look to your home too. 

   8. Hanging Pocket Storage 

Hangng pocket storage

This 24-pocket shoe pocket is preferably perfect for small house owners & less-space idelogy people. Hanging pocket storage is particularly works well in every aspect of ideal storage ideas, except sometimes it is sometimes hard to store shoes in it ( if pockets are not broad enough).  

    9.Wall Shoe Rack 

Wall shoe rack

For great shoe storage ideas & many shoe pairs, a wall shoe rack is a perfect choice. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t like this rack, made to meet your needs in a space-optimizing way. This wall shoe rack is an ideal way for every small apartment owner to keep their load of shoe collection in an organized manner. 

One thing is for sure, shoe storage is an essential part of maintaining the health of your shoes. With the right shoe storage, a cluttered space can convert into an excellent home accessory in a quick bite. 

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