An Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Your Perfect Footwear Storage

An Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Your Perfect Footwear Storage

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Nowadays, footwear has become a fashion statement more than an essential necessity to purchase. Every different person purchases a different type of footwear for a different purpose, while trying to fulfill all of our purposes, a pile of footwear towers gets created with not a pinch of the idea of how to organize them effectively. After seeing a bunch of footwear pairs roaming around the room, it becomes a next-to-impossible task to gather up the courage and arrange them in an effective order. 

Whether you’re a small apartment owner, footwear enthusiast, or not-so-footwear lover, It is an undeniable fact that perfect footwear storage is for everyone. With footwear storage as your sidekick, you don’t have to worry about ‘pull up your socks’ thoughts, after work or even after a great party. 

To solve all your problems, we have collected & created a step-by-step guide on how to choose the perfect storage for your whole big punch of footwear. 

Before diving right into a guide, let’s first discuss the benefits or advantages of storing your footwear in footwear storage options. 

Benefits Of Footwear Storage

  • Helpful To Keep Your Footwear Healthy & Clean
  • Clean & Organized Space
  • Creates a Welcoming Environment 
  1.  Should you purchase open or closed footwear storage?

One of the important questions, you need to ask yourself is what kind of footwear storage design you like and what usability purpose you’re looking for in your footwear storage. Here are the two main options for you. 

  • Open Footwear Option 

By choosing an open shoe rack as storage, it is easier to access your footwear, when in hurry. An open rack also provides a good ventilation system, which helps to avoid any little moulding to happen in footwear. With an open shoe rack, you can easily pick your go-to style in a minute. 

Shor rack

Talking about the inconvenience, if you want to display your footwear in the hall, an open shoe rack might not be the right choice, not only it can create an unhygienic environment but it can also become home to dust & dirty particles easily. 

  • Closed Footwear Option                                                                               
                                                                                                                  When you consider home decor and usability, both as your main purpose for purchasing footwear storage, closed storage options should be your first priority. In some closed footwear options, ventilation can become a disadvantage. 

What Storage Material Should I Consider In My Options?

Finding footwear storage with your ideal fabric might become a hurdle. One of the factors that will affect your overall footwear health & home decor is footwear storage material. The type of fabric you want for footwear storage is totally on your artistic & aesthetics-based question and no one knows your choices better than you. 

  • Wooden Shoe Rack
Wooden shoe rack

If proper usability & stylish is what you desire in your home, a wooden rack might be your best bet.  While considering a  wooden rack as an option, you can choose from a variety of shades, types, and sizes. 

  • Fabric Shoe Rack 
Fabric shoe rack

Fabric in footwear storage is distinct from one to another. If don’t want to spend too much and want basic storage for your storage, a fabric storage rack can be a great choice Technically, fabric racks are collapsible and lightweight. 

  • Plastic Tower
Plastic shoe tower

 If you want a solution to your permanent footwear mess, a plastic tower stand should be your preferred alternative. The waterproof & long-term storage characteristics make the plastic tower stand out from other storage options.  

What Storage Size Should I Consider While Browsing? 

Normally, ideal storage size differs from person to person and is totally dependent on the pairs of footwear one owns. 

Footwear rack       Footwear stand

Here are two footwear storage strategies you can utilize; Count the total footwear you own and look for options bigger than what you counted. The other option is to measure up your dimensions in or free space you have in your room and go for options small than the collection dimensions. 

Conclusion - Choosing the right storage option for your footwear is a make-it-or-break-it deal for both your space and footwear. If the right storage is not chosen for your footwear, your footwear collection is just one step away from a home disaster.

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