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The KonMari Method: An Excellent Home Organization Technique

We all have a tendency to amass a lot of trash. We cram everything we don't need or use into drawers, closets, and entire rooms. Most of the time, we are unaware of how much all of this material affects our daily lives and takes up mental and physical space. However, this has a significant impact on our lives. Although it may not seem like it, clutter has a way of infiltrating and lingering in our brains. 

And it is simple to see how much clutter has accumulated if we stop and take a look around. The Konmari method is all about assisting us in comprehending clutter and the reasons it is harmful. Knowing this will give you the motivation you require to finally get rid of it! 

What does KonMari mean? 

Marie Kondo is the inspiration behind the KonMari method. Her first and last names are combined to form the memorable term KonMari. However, this expression is now frequently used as a verb. 


The KonMari method's overarching goal is to teach people how to become minimalists so they can reap the numerous rewards of leading a life free of clutter. 

Hundreds of KonMari consultants are available globally to assist people organize their life. The KonMari approach is currently adored by millions of people. 

KonMari Method Basics

The non-negotiables in the KonMari method are listed. As readers, we are supposed to adhere to Marie Kondo's teaching that there is just one way to succeed with her method. You run the risk of missing out on the life-altering enchantment of tidying up totally if someone chooses to forego some of her plan's steps or skips others entirely. 

1. Visualize: If you are familiar with the concept of manifesting, you are aware that in order to think that your dream of a clutter-free home is a reality, you must be able to visualize your new existence. Marie advises you to spend some time imagining the interior of your home. How could your surroundings be improved to make you happier?

2. Checklist: Marie provides you with a checklist that you will work through so that you don’t forget any major categories. Based on the checklist you will start with decluttering clothes and end with the more sentimental items. Marie’s process enables you to get better at letting go of all the excess stuff that you don’t need. The more you work your decluttering muscles, the stronger they will get. 

3. Timeline: You should definitely disregard much of the other information you have read on minimalism if you are considering starting to declutter using the KonMari approach. The KonMari approach does not demand that you adhere to a fixed schedule, but it does demand that you move quickly. The entire process shouldn't take more than six months, and each day you spend clearing out clutter should be celebrated. As you welcome more freedom from things in your life, you must experience excitement. 

4. Folding: The KonMari method has requirements on how you fold your garments based on origami-inspired methods. This is crucial for a variety of reasons. Your clothing will fit neatly in drawers, and you'll be able to view every item you own when you open your drawer, which makes choosing what to wear easier, and when you fold your clothes, you'll be able to spot broken items that need to be thrown away.

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5. Everything has a place: Everything you own will have a place once you've completed the KonMari process. According to Marie, every item you own has a location, and each one should be returned there after each usage. She is doing this for a good cause. When you do something repeatedly enough, it becomes ingrained in your routine, which is ultimately what aids in long-term house organization. 

6. Your Closet: By storing more than just what you need in your closet, your wardrobe will serve a greater purpose than before. It will be stocked with everything you require and emotional treasures that don't belong anywhere else. Even if they don't belong on display, Marie wants you to keep the things that make you happy. She wants you to keep seeing these things because they are so important to you. Therefore, you ought to fill your wardrobe with lovely keepsakes that make you feel good.

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7.  Your Purse: The KonMari Method lays down specific guidelines for how to handle the bags you use every day. When you get home each evening, we're hoping you'll empty the bag completely and put everything back where it belongs. As a result, you won't need to carry around anything all the time.

Understand What Sparks Joy

The core tenet of the KonMari method is that every object in your home has a consciousness or spirit, which is one of its distinctive ideas. According to Marie, your home's possessions experience happiness when they are being used to their full potential and sadness when they are being hidden away where no one can enjoy them.

Therefore, if you are using the KonMari method, you must hold each item in your hands and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If it doesn't, it must be disposed of since someone person might find a better use for it. 

It certainly helps to comprehend this component of the KonMari process. Being aware of the enchantment around you will enable you to experience the wonderful tiny joys that appear when you hold something you genuinely adore. 

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