5 Best & Creative Ways To Organize Your Library Of Books

5 Best & Creative Ways To Organize Your Library Of Books

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For every book enthusiastic, books are merely just a piece of paper and more of like a magical art. A collection of books for book lovers is a favourite hobby, a hobby that requires a lot of hard work and creativity. Without proper book organizing techniques & storage, book organizing can be like trying to climb a mountain at  20 km speed. 

Just imagine, being in hurry and wanting to grab your favourite books on your way out, but can’t, because your book space is too messed up. Well, you can avoid this imagination with just simple book organizers in your home. 

Whether you want to give a new touch to your home decor or just want an organized place, bookshelf organizers are an excellent choice. Think of bookshelf organizers as your ultimate saviour that can protect you from tons of mess. A multi-organizers not only caution you from messed up space but help in finding what you’re looking for, your most expensive possession - Books. With the right organizers by your side, your home can be clean & organized too.

Advantages Of Bookshelf Organizers 

  • Consumes Less Floor Space
  • Saves a Lot Of Time 
  • Easy-to-Use 

Need more than just bookshelf organizers? Below is a list of the best & creative ways that you can potentially use to make transform your space library of books into a modern piece of art. Well, now we agree, book reading is good, but proper book organizing is an essential skill. 

Get ready for some great tips & tricks that can help you master the game of organizing. 

1. Utilize The Two-Third Rule In Your Book Organizing Planning Too!

Instead of throwing all your books ridiculously, try this ⅔ rule while organizing your books. Fill your every bookshelf layer only to a certain level, and keep each shelf layer only 30 or 40 % full only. keep that remaining space empty or add any personal art you want. This rule will help you avoid a mess and give you a satisfying kind of feeling.

2. Always Go For A Vertical Book Storage/Organizers

Vertical book organizer

No more need to whisper about massive book collections and your small apartment, vertical book organizers are your solution. A 4-tier vertical bookshelf organizer is ideal for keeping your books properly stacked and avoiding a congested place. Choosing the right storage is very essential for your makeover, be mindful of the space you’re giving to bookshelf organizers. Order a vertical bookshelf to avoid a book mess. 

3. Organize Book By Size Or Colour

This technique is ideal for any book reader who is digging through a stack of books to find their read, implement this size or colour technique for saving a ton of time. Firstly, collect all your books from the weird places you have put them in. Divide all the books by either size or colour, we suggest doing it by size, as arranging by colours can be sometimes boring. Last but not least, arrange all your books on your favourite bookshelf. Nowadays, arranging books through colour has become Instagram-aesthetic friendly.

4. Display Books With Some Other Home Decor Accessories

What’s better than a big bookshelf and your favourite home accessories along with it? Exactly, nothing. Home accessories can give a personal touch to your home and make you feel good. Combine some of your close-to-heart accessories with books and place them in negative spacing you can see on your bookshelf.

5. Get Creative And Bold With Colours 

 Keeping books as people have already kept is quite boring. Why be boring, when you can stand out? Get creative with your books, you can create your own bookshelf with wood, and create any kind of shape or colour you want. For example, you can make this book tree or a bookshelf in mind shape. Matt & bold colours + a great bookshelf = A excellent space. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog and received some creative ways to style your book next time. If you're looking for some great book organizers, be sure to check out our bookshelf collection and our store

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